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Science Lab

Science Lab

The Science Club was started with the intention of inviting many eminent scientists who will share their experiences with the students and inspire them to acquire scientific knowledge. Activities are primarily designed to introduce students to take up interesting/exciting science and technology projects. The Science Club has a group of students who want to explore many branches of engineering, mathematics, and science. The scope of the Science Club is to promote interest, understanding, and knowledge of the scientific world among college students and the local community.

Objectives of Science Club
● Participate in practical, hands-on science activities.
● Think and talk during the activities about only science-related topics.
● Set a scenario in mind and solve the problems based on science.

Things to do In a Science Club
● Organizing seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and quiz competitions to impart knowledge to the students in the science world.
● To prepare the students for acquiring knowledge through lectures once a month.
● Encourage students to actively participate in activities organized by the Science Club.
● Helping the community by demonstrating health and sanitation, improving agriculture.
● Students create self-made scientific pictures and charts on the walls of classrooms, libraries, and laboratories.