Sri Devaraj Urs Institute of Management
Affiliated to Bengaluru North University || NAAC Accredited Institution ||
Approved by Govt. of Karnataka



Department of Management

Sri Devaraj Urs Institute of Management

The Department of Management Studies(DMS) is connected with the University of Bangalore, Bangalore. The department was inducted in 2007, including the Bachelor of Business Administration course. To add a new feature to its field, the department launched a new course in 2018 called BBA in Aviation Management. Currently, it offers two courses, Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation Management. The main objective of the department is to provide quality management education. In addition, it focuses on the use of managerial skills, developing language skills in students. Concurrently, the department focuses on developing the necessary skills in the industry such as problem-solving, decision making, interpersonal and social skills in the midst of students. As a result, students are significantly able to increase their performance in the placement drive.

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In fact, it is the firm confidence of the department that the academic curriculum alone will not discourage students. To this end, it seeks to go beyond educators over experiential learning through art inspections, case studies, management activities, internships, projects and inspires students to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This step encourages students to focus on entrepreneurship and start-up planning.

Creating an excellent bachelor's degree in science to meet the world's contemporary challenges with courage, confidence, and commitment.


Build a solid foundation in all fields of science and open the minds of students to take the convenience of this educational opportunity.

The department seeks to set a standard in quality higher education by focusing on preparing students for the physical sciences - physics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science. Classroom teaching is interactive using a variety of guiding and learning methods, including presentation, peer tutoring, use of e-resources, use of software simulators, and more. The department has been ardently organizing guest lecturers, national/regional conferences, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, quiz programs, art inspections, etc. for the overall development of the students through club activities. It also takes care of value-added programs such as certificate courses, comprehensive education, etc.